The Ron Paul Revolution Is Not Over?

Well, looks that way (via Reason):

Dozens of avid supporters of Ron Paul, a Texas congressman who is running a renegade quest for the presidential nomination, staged a political guerrilla attack. At that caucus at St. Peters City Hall — as well as others across the state — party regulars like Bennett were overwhelmed.

Caucuses in Missouri, held only in presidential election years, are typically low-key affairs attended mainly by party diehards. But this year, the pro-Paul activists commandeered gatherings in the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Springfield. Paul supporters also controlled caucuses in at least a half dozen rural counties.

The result: Paul’s supporters predict they have snagged roughly a third of the 2,137 state Republican delegates. Those delegates will determine the state GOP platform this spring and help select the presidential delegates to the national Republican presidential convention in Minneapolis in September.

Yep, that’s pretty clever and it shows where this can go – even if it isn’t about RP anymore. It also highlights that there might still be some hope left for the Republican party. Oh, wait, did I just say that out loud?

But Missouri Republican officials plan to fight back. State Republican Party Executive Director Jared Craighead said party leaders will be examining the lists of caucus-goers, and of the newly elected state delegates. He contends that some of the Paul activists involved in the caucuses were really Democrats or Libertarians who should be tossed off.

Right, you’re looking at the forces unleashed by Barack Obama and you find among yourself forces at least equally motivated and the best thing you can come up with in response is…this? Seriously, I just doubt you even deserve this. RP certainly has his drawbacks and there are some areas where his philosophy doesn’t exactly equal yours – but you know, he has been a Republican for a long, long time and you should find yourselves able to agree with most of what he asks for. And even the areas where you can’t – how about at least giving it a second look? Maybe reevaluate your own positions, you know, the ones that lost the 2006 election…


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