Seriously, I’m hard pressed to give a shit (despite having fairly good connections with a couple of people who fled from Tibet when they were young). Sure, what China’s doing is terrible (shooting your own citizens usually (always?) is). But it’s not exactly anything new and I wonder why China was given the Games in the first place – this shit has been going on forever and it’s the way China rolls.

Sure, they might have figured out that communism is a totally fucked up economic system – doesn’t mean they’ll give up their dictatorship just yet though. I’m fairly confident that they will eventually (even though their young people are normally too brainwashed to stage any kind of revolution – at least as far as I can tell) rise up and get rid of the old elites or peacefully transition into an ever more free society. But that’s not here and that’s not now. People knew what they were looking at when they chose China as host of the Games. So yeah, all that bitching and moaning is fairly hypocritical – just because this is happening right now.

Boycott the Games or don’t – bitch and moan and hope something good comes of it. I, for my part, remain unimpressed.

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  1. danielquenton Says:

    I don’t see how boycotting the games would make any difference. But I can see, why China got the games at the first place. The western states are interested in a democratic, free China, so they’re trying to accomplish that by integration China, making it part of the world rather than a insular dictatorship, and therefore hoping that China will eventually (and slowly) adopt some western values and become more democratic and free and such.
    In my opinion this still is the best course of action, since all the other possible angles (like war, isolation, …) are not that promising. 😉

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