Techno Tolerance

You Score as a Transhumanist-Biotech


Transhumanists can be either hard-technology oriented–more inclined to add microchips and machines to their lifestyle–or bio-technology oriented–preferring the softer, more natural advancements and modifications that are made available.

Yeah, I’m definitely more into the bio-technology stuff – I think what kept me from getting a perfect 10 was question 11 – which, in my opinion, goes too far. I can’t honestly answer that question either way – a lifeform that was originally a human being in my book gets the rights, the lifeform that originally was NOT a human being but a machine – nope, no so luck. Data is a tool, not a human being. Sure, the details have to be discussed in specific cases but that’s basically it. You’re a computer, not a human being.

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6 Responses to “Techno Tolerance”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    Well I guess, if we start technically enhancing our bodies and minds, there is only a small step to a completely artificial life form, which therefore should be granted all rights ‘normal’ humans have, anything else would establish a precedet, that can only have bad consequences.
    – I had to say “No!” to question 3, though.

    Here’s my score:
    You Score as a Transhumanist-Biotech

  2. danielquenton Says:

    Really test your tolerance by reading this (disturbing) Interview:

  3. Owen D. Mitchell Says:


    I scored as a Techno-Progressive:

    The idea of a potentially manipulable electronic device in my body makes me feel unconfortable. (I don’t want my brain getting hacked via the internet!) I’d rather use memory improving drugs or genetic engineering if it’s avilable and safe.

  4. midmull Says:

    Well, doesn’t quite yet open Pandora’s box full of moral questions just yet. For now he’s just some weird guy and his bot is his property – as far as I’m concerned he can do with it as he pleases. More about general libertarian feelings than about the specific issues at hand.
    More interesting is the question about cylons that looms in the background. They are certainly human enough and far more clever than most (all?) humans. Probably even capable of feeling human emotions.
    Nonetheless – they are basically property. Not the fictional ones that built themselves but how does that saying go: anything that’s ever though can’t be unthought afterwards? And thinking about completely independent AIs isn’t exactly new. So they will eventually be around – and at least for me – they pose quite the dilemma. Slavery all over again?

    @Owen D. Mitchell
    Yeah, far more worried about what can be done with computers than about biotechnology. Then again that might simply be because I know a little more about that area…

  5. danielquenton Says:

    Very interesting, indeed. 😉

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