Apparently I wasn’t the only one to recognise that symbolism…

Don Boudreaux needs much less space to say basically the same thing I said yesterday.

So I commend you on your “Earth Hour” effort.  Persuading people across the globe to turn off lights for one hour supplies the perfect symbol for modern environmentalism: a collective effort to return humankind to the dark ages.

Yeah, I should’ve thought of that metaphor. 😦  Shoulda, coulda, woulda. More clever stuff:

 By the way, of course, the WWF should award some special prize to the North Korean government, for that government keeps North Koreans not in any meager “Earth Hour,” or even “Earth Day,” but in what WWFers might call “Earth Decades” — very little light everThis picture of the Korean peninsula speaks volumes — the Dark Ages today; a society keeping its carbon footprint tiny.  Of course, in doing so it keeps itself also desperately poor, often even to the point of starvation.

Nothing I could really add to this. Plain beautiful.


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