April’s Fools Day

I totally agree with Mr Sykes: screw it. Seriously.

What is it with journalists? How come they feel the need to write “total BS” once a year? It’s not like they don’t continuously lie, make mistakes and just all around screw up the rest of the time. Usually, their April’s Fools Day stories are easy to identify and not particularly funny. So, why do they do it? Possibly something psychological, like carnival (where everyone dresses up and then gets drunk)? That one’s fun though…

In conclusion: I don’t give a shit. Screw it. It annoys me. I was even thinking Mr Sykes was trying to pull one on me when he announced that UBS was writing down $19bn. Turns out he wasn’t and about 2.5 seconds after reading what he’d written I realised that, yeah, you don’t make jokes like that among serious people. And I’m grateful for that. Thank you.

Anyway, we’ll see what’s still there tomorrow and then possibly have some posts on those issues, eh?


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