Jenny McCarthy on science

Don’t really care about autism but holy shit is this idiotic:

MCCARTHY: Yes, but I think — I personally haven’t heard of that many people falling off the map that we needed to implement 26 new shots in this time. And isn’t it ironic, in 1983 there was 10 shots and now there’s 36 and the rise of autism happened at the same time?

And parent after parent after parent says I vaccinated my baby, they got a fever and then they stopped speaking and then became autistic.

KING: Is your link scientific or statistical?

MCCARTHY: Well, I believe that parents’ anecdotal information is science-based information.

Anyway, here are some pictures and videos of Ms McCarthy naked. So, as you can see, she isn’t all bad. (Yes, I’m perfectly aware that this is terribly sexist. So what? Or as Tucker Max would say: if you can’t take a joke, fuck you.)


3 Responses to “Jenny McCarthy on science”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    Who the hell is Jenny McCarthy? 😉

  2. Owen D. Mitchell Says:

    I first read ‘McCain’. ^^
    Dunno this McCarthy but it seems that she was a playmate. Not that I expected something else. 😉

  3. midmull Says:

    Yeah, she’s a former playmate with an autistic son.

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