[Talk]: Homeschooling

Let’s give this another shot…

Inspired by this piece by John Stossel, I felt like picking a fight (which I assume this is going to be).  I’m definitely all FOR homeschooling. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible and still get across the main points that I can think of from the top of my head.

  • Children get better education. Plain and simple. This is immediately obvious to anyone with half a brain – much easier for a parent to take care of one child individually (who also happens to be THEIR child) than for a teacher to take care of 20 or 30 ill-behaved, rude little bastards with no respect. Sure, private schools are an acceptable alternative – but then again, those aren’t exactly cheap either. Additionally, in some European countries (such as the one we’re from 😉 ) the public school system is a lot better but nonetheless continuously declining in quality and will undoubtedly eventually arrive where other countries already are, i.e. in the shitter. Proof for this point can be gathered from all those tests where homeschooled kids score better – John Stossel points out this example.
  • Control over what your children are taught. Education is certainly about indoctrinating children, at least to some degree. Control the educational system and you pretty much control what all the drones will think when they’re grown up. I want to control what kind of indoctrination my kids get (hypothetically) (i.e. a libertarian one with plenty of opportunity to broaden their own horizones) – and so do many other parents. Sure, it means that some parents might teach their kids stuff I disagree with – so what? That’s freedom.

I’ll start with these two arguments. Try and come up with a reason as to why parents shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

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3 Responses to “[Talk]: Homeschooling”

  1. snpnmnmi Says:

    I agree with you 100% (which isn’t a shock, since I homeschool). But you see, when I get in the argument myself, the naysayers argue that it’s not right for our society that I should be the one to teach my children what I believe. For some reason, I do my children a disservice by not letting them be indoctrinated by public schools. AND, what absolutely infuriates me, is that I do all of the public school children a disservice by not putting my children into the herd of public school children. Somehow I’m an elitist… what? By saying I want to educate my children at home I’m also saying I’m better than them? No… and not very well thought out, either. We take losses financially to do this, but some say “I wish I could afford to do that.” Please, I’m not rich and neither are most homeschoolers.
    Well, I don’t disagree with you, so I’ll not take up anymore of your comment space.
    Long live liberty!

  2. Owen D. Mitchell Says:

    I think that you should be allowed to teach your children by your own. One big issue with homeschooling is controlling the quality of education. If parents who homeschool their kids aren’t watched, their children could suffer from bad education or have some other kind of education which is very different form an average education. A possible solution would be homeschooling combined with some obligatory classes or official tests on a regular basis which allow your children to prove their knowlege to the state.

  3. Henry Cate Says:

    “If parents who homeschool their kids aren’t watched, their children could suffer from bad education or have some other kind of education which is very different form an average education.”

    In general homeschooled children do better than public schools. Rather than trying to “fix” what isn’t a problem, people should be focused on improving public schools.

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