So I guess that wasn’t you, eh dq?

I thought you fucked up yesterday and decided to stop posting – turns out, it wasn’t you…

Stargate’s Joe Mallozzi suffers from the same problem:

Well, the problem was not fixed – because the problem is WordPress has decided to change the dashboard design. Whereas once it was a neatly arranged page in-easy-to-read type, it is now a hodgepodge of sections presented in a miniscule font-size crowned by a garish orange border.

Well, the “write post” area has improved somewhat (edit to say: in comparison to yesterday when it wasn’t working – definitely NOT in comparison to before!) – but not by much. At least it’s possible to post again.


2 Responses to “So I guess that wasn’t you, eh dq?”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    It is advertised as “cleaner, faster, less cluttered”. – wtf?
    Chaotic would be more precise in my opinion 😉

  2. midmull Says:

    Yes, after using it a bit more I’ve reached the conclusion that it is quite the horrible change. 😦

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