Well done, Pelosi

Yeah, whatever.

Under Fast Track Authority rules, Congress is required to hold an up-or-down vote on a trade agreement once the President submits it to Congress. But the Democrats are loath to vote on the trade agreement before the November elections, lest a vote in support of the agreement infuriate the labor unions. Instead, Pelosi will request that the House Rules Committee remove the timeline rule for the Colombia agreement and push off the vote until after November 2008.

Now, this should be an easy decision. Oh do I wish that we’d get back some free trade democrats instead of the protectionist shit that’s being spouted by both presidential candidates. Great victory you’re winning there democrats – more “centrist” candidates, i.e. against free markets and in favour of conservative crap. The only good thing that comes of this are gun laws. If we’re lucky. Everything else is a libertarian’s worst nightmare.


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