Hillary: The Movie

Perfectly illustrates at least two things I can think of immediately.

  1. Why we should hope for Hillary to become the Democratic nominee. While the current situation is obviously very satisfying (both of the candidates attacking each other and offering plenty of ammunition for the general election) and Obama should be beatable as well (remember, he’s probably a closet Muslim terrorist! And he has a whacko priest!), Hillary is far easier. She’s done so much bad stuff and been involved in so many scandals – the Republican attack machinery is gonna have a field day. Which brings us to…
  2. The Republican attack machinery. It’s obviously still very neatly oiled. Well done on the guy crying and the guy mourning his father. It might take a little more and they’re gonna have to boil the main messages down to 30 second attack ads but obviously – as I’ve said in 1. – there’s plenty of material to use. Apart from the real juicy parts, i.e. the politics she stands for!

So yes, I am indeed confident that the next president of the United States may well be called John McCain – and libertarians won’t have to feel bad about voting for Bob Barr all that much…


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