The Radley Balkos of this world

And the important one:

Now, it’s quite obvious that what they are doing is very important. And by “they” I mean people like Reason’s Radley Balko. Fighting for civil liberties, tirelessly showing the world authoritarian abuses wherever they can be found. But, on the other hand, as the comments on the youtube clip shows, they’re also kinda annoying. I’m not particularly bothered but by now when Balko posts something on that Mississipi doctor and what he was caught doing now – I just skip the post. Yeah, he’s a bad guy, I get it. Seriously though, does he need post after post after post solely dedicated to himself?

Sure, on a rational level, I guess he does. You really can’t rest until he’s gone for good. And that’s gonna take tireless effort on someone’s part. I’m very glad that it doesn’t have to be me and yet it bores me. It tires me. And, it slightly annoys me. The US isn’t gonna turn into some fascist police state overnight and it hasn’t, so far. Sure, civil liberties haven’t exactly improved in recent times but it’s nowhere close to a totalitarian regime. Yet, that’s exactly why we need people like them. Annoying little bastards who continually highlight even the slightest abuses of authority. Just to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. So, I guess, in conclusion: Thank you, you annoying little prick. 😉


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