Never thought I’d say this…

but: a writer is dead to me. Now, I can’t really recall anything memorable being written by Ms Mangu-Ward (yeah, I’m getting passive aggressive already, that’s how mad this makes me!) and really the only reason I read reason (ha!) is David Weigel, that science guy (Bailey) and occasionally Radley Balko (sure, the others as well but hey while I’m being passive aggressive why not go all in?).

She’s not gonna make me stop reading what they write but I’ve lost all respect for her – and it’s not even over something overtly political. Here‘s the offending sentence:

Personally, I’ve always favored the personal responsibility approach: I’ll march right in and use a single stall men’s room if it’s empty and there’s a lock on the door.

Here’s my personal responsibility response to this kind of behaviour:

I make it a point to use the stall whenever I see women standing in line to get into the men’s room. Once I get in, I piss all over the toilet (after checking the next person in line is female). It kinda makes me feel sorry for the janitor but sometimes you have to draw the line somewhere. This is it. No further. I don’t care whether you feel that “men could just come into our restroom too if there was a line in front of their’s” – a) I’d like to see the reaction to a guy actually doing that (cue lawyers getting dollar-signs in their eyes) and b) we don’t FUCKING HAVE TO! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BIOLOGY AND WHY IT TAKES YOU LONGER! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

P.S.: I don’t give a shit whether the laides out there consider this to be immature behaviour. The line must be drawn here.


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