Random Question #1

Is there any kind of animal that doesn’t sleep? That doesn’t need sleep? If not, why not? Wouldn’t this immediately be one of the most valuable traits to develop? Do bacteria sleep? Viruses? Were there any earlier specieses that didn’t need any sleep? If there were, why did we lose that trait?

Obviously, there is some kind of value in sleep and it seems to be necessary for evolving beyond a certain point. Then again that opens up the question of why different individuals need different amounts of sleep and I’m not just talking about children and adults but comparable adults?


One Response to “Random Question #1”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    Different people need different amounts of sleep, because of their different constitution.

    As for, why needing sleep is a trait, that is obviously favored by evolution, I would say, that both regeneration and dreaming (our minds own garbage collector) is essentially vital (as has been proven in many experiments) to our sanity and thus survival.

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