Random Question #3

When you double-click on a word, it gets marked and you can copy it. If you keep clicking, you’ll get the whole line or the whole paragraph. When will there be software that gives you the possibility to double-click and it’ll mark an entire name, i.e. “first name + surname” but not the whole line?


3 Responses to “Random Question #3”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    How is the program supposed to identify names?
    This would require a quite complete name database to recognize names, bu i hardly think, that it would be worth the effort. 😉

  2. midmull Says:

    Why not? It’d be convenient…
    Besides, I don’t think it would necessarily have to be just names – how about other phrases that consist of more than one word? There has to be a easier way to use that, maybe through grammar or who knows what…

  3. aspirational Says:

    aspirational says : I absolutely agree with this !

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