Britain’s Got Talent – Semi-Finals

Well, some horrible match-ups they’ve created there…

Let’s see:


I’m gonna have to go out on a limb seeing how this is on RIGHT NOW (I think). Worst group, IMO. Terribly hard choices.

Prediction: Signature will win the public vote (the Michael Jackson impression). It’s the best one. Not by much but still by enough to make them win. Craig Harper and Scala in the top three with Scala winning. Very, very, very sad because Craig Harper’s brilliant. Scala is younger and less desperate (IIRC that’s the word Simon Cowell used).

Especially sad for Charlie Green and the girl with the cat as well (Kate & Gin). Great group over all. Could have spread them out a little better IMNSVHO.


This one’s tougher to predict. Again, great acts. Urban Gypsies and Hoop La La are the weakest of the group and I don’t quite know where Irresistible belongs (as their YouTube clip is very short). Per Diem take the public vote, with Sophie Mei winning over the judges against Strike in the top three. Very sad for the two young ones if I turn out to be right.


Again, enormously strong group. The two strongest children are in here. Faryl Smith wins the public vote. She got quite a bit of media attention already and she’s pretty awesome. Strong favourite for the overall title as well, in my opinion. Andrew Muir will fight the other Andrew (Johnston) for the other place and I’m gonna say the young one will win (because I said Per Diem would win on Tuesday and they’re somewhat similar).

Couldn’t find a clip of Boogie Wonderland so I have no idea who they are (can’t be that great, eh?). The Cheeky Monkeys are pretty cool but not ready yet, Vizage and Kay & Harvey simply aren’t good enough. Sad one for Madonna Decena who will probably something like fourth.


Dean Wilson for the public vote and Iona Luvsandorj over Jeremy Lynch in the top three. Again, complete shite act with Michael Machell in here and the Deans of Magic just aren’t good enough. James Stone’s alright but not brilliant, Bang On aren’t even on YouTube and the Mandy Ellen Dancers are hard to find as well (and hard to judge from what’s available).

Sad one for Jeremy Lynch but I guess Arsenal had a reason when they parted ways with him. Just don’t see him going any further because he’s a sports act.


This, to me, appears to be the weakest group which should make the predictions fairly easy, right? I’m gonna say Flava for the public vote (we need a dance act, after all!) and Phil Blackmore over Caburlesque in the top three. Unless, of course, he kills himself.

The rest are hard to impossible to find on YouTube (impossible in the short amount of time available to me) so I can’t really comment on them. Again, fairly weak group.

Finally, for the winner at the end: I’m torn between Signature and Faryl Smith but leaning towards Faryl Smith because she’s got the children’s bonus.

So, there you have it. It’ll be funny to see how it actually turns out. 😀


Someone on Wikipedia’s removed the listings for the different shows and replaced them with just a list of all names. So maybe my work was all for nothing. Awesome.


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