Major Changes Coming Up

Yeah, I have done some thinking – and there’ll be more than one blog afterwards. It’ll take at least another month (realistically: 27th June I’m done with exams (haven’t got to the part where I have to remember the name for what I’m planning to do here – corporate discount, maybe?) so I’ll be busy drinking for that weekend – Yeah, 30th June sounds reasonable) though.

Daniel knows nothing of this (as of yet – heh :D) but there’ll be at least two blogs. Maybe that means they’ll both die but this just doesn’t really work. Depending on how much free time I can find, there might be three (or if I were to come across LOADS of free time, there might be four – but that number four would be quite time-consuming, me thinks). So, what will change?

Basically, no more entertainment posts on here. Those’ll be outsource to a new place. There, I plan to write reviews – mostly for TV shows (the first show I plan to cover will start just long enough after my exams are done for me to review on episode of its first season per day before), probably for movies. That one might take anywhere from something like 2 hours during quiet times a week to maybe 10 hours during buisy weeks. Anyway, I plan to concentrate on what I can do – at least what I think I can – no use in linking to news stories, other people do that and they do it better and with more resources. Just content I manage to create.

As for this blog – until end of June, nothing much will change. After that, I’ll focus more on politics. Actually, just politics. Again, not necessarily lots of useless reposting of stuff that other people posted but rather more in-depth analysis of interesting and more basic stuff. Not yet sure what’ll happen to “various links” and “random questions” as I quite like these (same goes for the random youtube-vids which wouldn’t necessarily fit well into the new entertainment blog) so that’s where number three might come in. Not very time-consuming, just posting those fun things. Basically, a “fun blog”.

Ah well, as usual – big plans. We’ll see what’ll happen in the end.


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