Britain’s Got Talent – Semi-Finals – Round Four

Well, I’m getting ever better – got the top three right but mixed up the order. Lucky George Sampson, heh.

Anyway, here goes: predictions for night four.

Winner of the public vote: Faryl Smith. Obviously. Personally, I’m looking forward to her screwing up or the public getting tired with her – that’d be rather amusing and I might even smile a little. Being the overhyped favourite that she currently is and all, you know. Not seeing that happen right now though.

Two and three: Andrew Muir and Charlie Wernham. Charlie Wernham wins despite being yet ANOTHER child. Not terribly confident with this prediction but alas – whaddayagonnado?

Disappointing for Jeremy Lynch though.


2 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent – Semi-Finals – Round Four”

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