This looks so awesome…

it’s bound to be a disappointment, IMHO!

I might check back after I dare read some of their articles – but damn they’re looking mighty awesome.

Found through an article by their boss (?) on Reason. He calls himself a left-libertarian and likes Marx, so there’s obviously something wrong with him somewhere deep down.

Nevertheless, looking at their website:

spiked campaigns

For Europe, Against the EU

Challenging China-bashing

Open the Borders

Now, the first two just sound absolutely awesome. The third one raises some eyebrows (mine?) [obviously, not on principle but on practical reasons] but then check out the title of the first article:

Exploding the myth of trafficking

How awesome an article could this be?

And on their frontpage:

Body Mass Index: a big fat lie

As I said – this sounds so awesome it’s bound to be a disappointment.


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