Leaked Pilots: Stargate Atlantis Season Five

One more tonight. Starting tomorrow, I’ll try to review one or two episodes of Burn Notice season one a day to be done in time for the season two premiere on July 10 (I think).

Right, on to Stargate Atlantis. Didn’t really pay any attention to Atlantis during season three and then caught up near the end – really like some of the episodes. Same goes for season 4. Only started watching after about the first 16 episodes had aired. Really liked what I saw, most of the time. Todd, obviously, is the great addition that the show needed. Carter worked out okay, Ronon was rather so-so (I thought Ford offered more potential as the viewers’ link to a world that we don’t understand – but they didn’t use him that way and I guess they had a reason (turkey sandwich jokes do get old after a while), Keller, again, okay. The Genii – let’s be honest – aren’t the best addition ever either and the Wraith had plenty of weaknesses. Michael – in my opinion – didn’t work out and the Replicators, well, they just weren’t that great either (even though the new ones might be fascinating).

So, finally, they found what they needed. Their Ba’al, their Apophis, their Anubis – you name it. Todd works. Todd isn’t one-dimensional, Todd isn’t just a good guy either. Todd’s exciting, Todd makes you look forward to the next episode that he’s gonna be in. Oh, and that wasn’t all – Larrin’s a great addition as well. Sure, that’s mostly my love for cute faces and T&A talking but Sheppard really can use a female counterpart that makes him work a little harder (and the sexual tension obviously doesn’t hurt). So, I was rather disappointed to see Michael come back for the season finale.

I’ll start with random observations:

  • McKay actually has quite the triceps. Considering how he’s supposed to be a semi-fat guy, that’s remarkable. Congrats, Mr Hewlett.
  • Either there’s a terrible, terrible, terrible logic mistake or I missed something: how the hell did the jumper leave the ship without the shields being lowered? That would obviously have ruined the whole “they won’t see this coming” approach but from what I can tell a) the shields need to be lowered for a jumper to leave the ship, b) the jumper left before the fighters did and c) the shield wasn’t lowered when it did. What am I missing?
  • Teyla totally sucks. She’s pussified. She doesn’t do any good anymore. The whole love anlge and her getting a baby didn’t really EVER work out but this episode made it abundantly clear: this isn’t going to work. No more tough Teyla.
  • Picardo’s character – yeah, I’m not gonna like it. It’s occasionally good for an episode but I don’t want to be annoyed every single episode. It’s funny once or twice but then it just pisses me off. Get back to proper business already. Sure, we could theoretically do that – but that wouldn’t work with the way the character’s been set up right up until now.

Now, the random observations have already said most of what I wanted to get out. It’s, overall, a rather weak start into the season. Not terribly weak and accetapbly enjoyable. I understand the necessities of the TV business (actually, I don’t but I understand why Carter had to leave) and there are some exciting things going on as well. Vega could be a great addition (obviously the T&A already won me over – for now!) and the rest of that all-female team that Joe Mallozzi is occasionally talking about on his blog could be great as well.  Michael still doesn’t really work – and in addition to all that, he appeared rather weak in this episode (what with having his ship blown up and looking like a whining bitch) and I guess I’m rather sad that he isn’t dead (didn’t really see how he survived (puddlejumper?) and I consider this to be Stargate’s one worst flaw: the total lack of any kind of clear decision (“they’re not really gone, as soon as we run out of ideas we wanna be able to bring them back!), no finality whatsoever).

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season though. It’ll be good to see Larrin and Todd back, the female team will be a great addition and hey, it’s still Stargate! More excited about Stargate Universe when looking at the situation as a whole but I guess that’s life – and maybe, just maybe, they’ll once again really surprise me and come back with a couple of awesome episodes (probably in the back half of the season? who knows). I have every confidence in the writers that they’ll succeed.

Bottom line: Meh, but an optimistic meh.



5 Responses to “Leaked Pilots: Stargate Atlantis Season Five”

  1. danielquenton Says:

    I definitely agree. Todd and Larrin (she’s gorgeous) do make Stargate Atlantis enjoyable. And the episodes have been getting better at the 3rd season, but with Teyla having a baby (I totally agree with you there) the quality has started to deteriorate again.
    I liked Michael a the start, for the most part, because he had potential, but he just turned out to be another bad guy.
    Carter’s been okay so far, but I liked Weir better, because she was something different, whilst Carter doesn’t really add something herself.
    So I would really like to see Elizabeth again.

    My bottom line is: I’ll keep watching it, until I really have no hope of it getting better again, but I’m not that optimistic, especially because Stargate Atlantis wasn’t that great a show to begin with.

  2. midmull Says:

    Well, Carter really is gone. 😉
    Woolsey it is – yeah, that annoying little prick. I have no idea how they’re going to use him (as pointed out in the post: it’s either gonna get on my nerves real fast or it’s not gonna be true to character).

    I don’t think the show’s in any great danger currently (even though Mallozzi said he thinks it’s quite likely that it won’t get a sixth season – because it just keeps getting more expensive and there’s no other TV station to pick it up like happened with SG-1) of getting unbearably bad. Then again that’s not really how I pick my shows (remember, I stoppepd watching BSG four eps into season three!).

    Just as I said, three reasons I’ll keep watching: the hope of seeing more Larrin (confirmed, two eps minimum IIRC), the hope of seeing more Todd (confirmed, five eps minimum) and the hope of the new all-female team being really good (Vega has the T&A, can’t really judge the character yet).

    We’ll see, I guess.

  3. still interested Says:

    You are right danielquenton,
    Wier had more depth, maybe a replicator Wier will come about, giving the team an allie, AS for Carter, she lost here appeal to me after seeing that kangaroo pouch she brought to Atlantis from her recent exercise free child birth.

  4. danielquenton Says:

    I mus say, Woolesy, is fitting in better an better, he’s (luckily, because that way I could not stand him for another episode) not that badly smart ass anymore, and he’s even not that annoying anymore, sometimes even a little fun, so I guess you won’t hear me complaining about him replacing Carter anymore, because he’s having a lot more depth than carter anyways.

  5. Gatorz Says:

    Ok i have seen the firsy 3 episodes of Atlantis and they really suck. i was hoping for a much stronger start to the season but hopefully it will get better. I wish Micheal had killed Tayla or she had died during child birth. her character has been terrible and im not talking just about this season. Just another quick point… is anyone else having a hard time believing that the wraith could have possible killed the ancients??? i dont care how many wraith there where there is just no way. They are the worst bad guys ever. Bring the Goauld in to the pegasus galaxy and it would be much better instead of these half lizard which do not have the physiology to create technology with there massive unjointed hands. they couldn’t pick up a pencil never mind build a ship.

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