I’ve talked about it in my introduction: Talks.

In the future there will be some Talks about a given topic. Either midmull or I will start a post as draft with Title “[Talk] Topic”, and write a little something (hopefully controversial) about it. Then the other will respond until either a conclusion is reached or we’re tired of discussing that particular topic.

Here’s how a Talk could look like:

[Talk] Is abortion bad?

d: Yes, definitely. (I have to say that, since midmull will say, it’s not.)

m: Oho, I disagree. Every pregnant woman has the right to choose.

d: And hasn’t the unborn child a right to live?

m: No.

d: Let’s agree to disagree, then.

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Hi, there

I guess this is going to be the introduction of myself, so lets get over it (more quickly, than midmull, I hope…).

I’m a university student in a reasonably big european City (I study engineering there), I’m twenty and a half years old and I just decided to start a blog.

Firstly something of what I think this blog is going to be about. As I suspect I am not only going to be midmulls adversary in (hopefully) many, very controversial “Talks” (Lets call them talks, since there will hardly be any monologues here – or so I hope, because I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing (or for the audience – nothing against you, dear reader), but also for my own sake, to broaden my horizon and to test and improve my views) but also will I try to be the word of reason, when midas (did I just write that? – I mean midmull, of course), is once again stuck in his views.

As of my views, I won’t give you a list (as midmull did) of what my main topics are, since I don’t know myself, just as of yet. I have found in the last couple of years, that I didn’t have the fixed, well tested views, as I suspected. When I read Atlas Shrugged, I began to recognize the very simple logic behind it, which I found quite compelling. I was very fond of social security and such, back then, but this was set to change. I realized that liberalism was the way to go, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. But as compelling and simple liberalism may sound, in practice there are still many issues that aren’t as black an white as some libertarians want us think they are. So lets call me a skepticist, since that’s what I’ve been since I can think.

Well, that’s it. Approximately 300 words, just half of what midmull wrote, so it’s ok I guess.

Ah, the raw numbers, I forgot.

  • Economic Left/Right: 5.38
  • Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.15

Where to get proper information?

On with the introductory posts…

Obviously, in this day and age, one can find more than enough information on more than enough subjects. I’ll highlight some of my primary sources to better help you understand where I’m coming from, where I get my news and on what I might possibly comment in the future (even though I’ll try to use primary sources).

Probably my favourite. Again, they post a bit too much for my liking and I occasionally skip a post or two but I like their tone and the kind of information they provide (most of the time). Not surprising seeing how they are a libertarian magazine.

The Cato Institute’s blog. Again, I like most of their posts but sometimes I skip one or two. Personal favourite of mine is their resident tax experts, Mr Mitchell.

More for the economic conservative inside of me (see: I wasn’t kidding about that perfect 10!).

I consider him to be on the left end of what I consider reasonable people (even though he’s a Keynesian) – makes some good points without going all kinds of whacko (tellingly he’s still a Republican though). Additionally, his was my first econ textbook.

Only recently added so I might drop it again – but then Mr Cowen is associated with the Cato Institute so he can’t be that bad.

The rest of my sources are either in a language other than English or in print (read: The Economist – and yes, I’m perfectly aware that they have a pretty decent website but I rarely use it and when I do not as a news source but as an archive).

This should be about it in terms of introductory thingies.


So, this one’s gonna be about me. Let’s get this out of the way right away.

I’m 19 years old (for a few more months) and am located somewhere in or around central Europe (so yes, my native language is not English – I’ll still try to do my best). As for what I do when I’m not blogging here: I’m a student. Ha, bet you didn’t expect that! More precisely, I’m currently in my second year as a business administration major at a rather well-known university (if you’re from around here) in the second-best country in the world. I’m also male but I’m sure you would have been able to guess that on your own.

Now, for the juicy part. I’m strongly libertarian (or classically liberal – round here the left hasn’t succeeded yet in making ‘liberal’ a bad word), a bit more so than my partner in crime. So that’s where my posts will be coming from. What does this mean precisely? Well, I’ll give you a few examples.

  • I’m strongly opposed to smoking bans. Not because I smoke (I don’t and won’t until I’m 20 – the wonder of incentives properly used at work) but because I think that the government has no business telling bars or restaurants how their businesses should be run. I certainly enjoy smoke-free bars but that’s for the market to achieve and not the government.
  • I’m hugely opposed to the kind of taxation we see around the world today. I would consider a flat tax an improvement but still not sufficient – a truly fair and proper system would be based on user fees and – potentially – a head tax.
  • I’m in favour of legalising all drugs. Not just cannabis but also cocaine and heroin and whatever else some genius might come up with in the future. I wouldn’t necessarily want to try it myself (certainly nothing involving needles!) but again – none of the government’s business to tell people what they can put in their bodies. Of course, it’s none of the government’s business to save people after they’ve screwed up their own lives either.
  • I’m an atheist. Not necessarily a must-have as a libertarian but I thought it proper to get this out in the open right away.
  • On foreign policy you might consider me a recovering neo-con. I used to be a big supporter of the war in Iraq (and intellectually I can still see the merits) but then I came to embrace a non-interventionist foreign policy. Of course, seeing how I don’t do half-pregnant, I’m now opposed to much more than just the war in Iraq.
  • Also, I make liking jokes about homosexuals. However, when we’re getting serious – I’m all in favour of giving them all kinds of rights (marriage (don’t know why they want that though!), adoption – you name it). I’m also in favour of polygamy. None of the government’s business telling people who they can marry (I reserve the right to be a little unclear on issues involving children – I consider them to be a pain in the ass because they can’t necessarily be thought to be mature enough to look out for themselves – but then I’m only 19 so I still have plenty of time to figure out how I feel about them).
  • Somewhat similarily, I like making jokes about Jews (I refer you to the hilarious Ahmed the terrorist for a good one) – but again, once we start talking serious anti-semitism (such as what the European Left enjoys doing) I’ll come after you like an angry rottweiler on steroids. So there’s a bit more about foreign policy.
  • I favour legal abortions. All the way until the fetus is able to survive outside the mother’s body. I’m sure there’ll come a time when I’ll be able to elaborate on this one but until then I’ll just say that I subscribe to the Randian argument.

Well, this seems like a decent start covering quite a few issues – and at more than 600 words it shouldn’t be too short either. I don’t want my posts to get too long because that’s something I can’t stand as a reader. Obviously, there are some issues that take more space so I can’t promise anything.

Finally, here are the raw numbers:

  • Economic Left/Right: 10.00
  • Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.74

Introductory Post

Well “Hello World!” indeed.

The very first post so this should probably give a bit of general information on what to expect here, who we are, why you should come back to read more of our genuinely brilliant messages to the world (or more precisely, anyone interested). As you will have figured out by now (seeing how there’s probably a whole lot more to read by now) we’ll just begin by saying that is going to be about politics. And about everything else we want this to be about (presumably the finer aspects of entertainment might come into play at some point and possibly even something amusing – if we feel like it).

So, who are we? Well, that’s probably for another post.