We The Living – Best Laid Plans

We The Living – Best Laid Plans
[heavy video=ae22eeb62e7279f989ceb6e8de59b84c&host=www.heavy.com&w=512&h=512]

I mentioned them earlier and now they released a video for my favourite song.


The Future For Ayn Rand

Short version: We’re indoctrinating the kids. 😉

Major problem I see there: it might be hard to convince kids to read a 1000+ page book.

Personally, I’m doing my part by ordering copies of Atlas Shrugged and giving them away to friends (current count: 2 😦 ).

Various Links #5

Midas Mulligan: Addicted to Human Food

Yeah, great band with a gread name. 😉

Listen to their music here – I especially like “Best Laid Plans”.