Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty

I’m only gonna post the video for now. Longer post coming up, though. Not necessarily only about this but also about Bob Barr and why he needs to get your voice instead of John McCain. I’ve reached the conclusion that we can survive four years of Barack Obama. Coming up – end of June-ish. Needs some research to illustrate what I’m trying to say and I lack the time for that right now.


Via Reason I found the above site.

What do I find when I surf there?


Except for one race right out of college he has worked exclusively for conservatives including Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan and Mike Huckabee.

What do we learn from this? His first campaign wasn’t for a conservative. It was probably for a “liberal”. Yeah, great record for what you’re trying to do.


We are a committed group of conservatives concerned that Barrack Hussein Obama would be the worse possible President for America at this time, or any time.

The “worse possible”? What, you have the money to advertise your site but you can’t use some proper grammar? Yeah, great first impression.

Yeah, those were the first two things that I noticed on that site. Sure, small things but if you’re gonna run an anti-Obama campaign (which sooner or later will have to be done if he in fact turns out to be the nominee – which by now seems quite likely – and the Republicans want to win this election) at least do it right. Seriously, not helping.