George Sampson wins Britain’s Got Talent 2008

Well, I’ll admit it – I didn’t expect that. I thought he was the weakest of the five semi-final winners but maybe that likability factor was just THAT strong.

I truly don’t know why neither Faryl Smith nor Escala made the top three – they were the obvious favourites in my opinion. Faryl Smith might’ve been overhyped but she was still pretty strong. No obvious mistakes either in their performances so maybe the public just decided they didn’t like the experts telling them what to enjoy. Heh.

Anyway, I was wrong. Mea culpa. Congratulations to George Sampson. Didn’t really think his performance was that strong though – again, Cowell put it nicely: he’s Rocky. A fighter. That’s probably what made him win, too.

Signature on the other hand were back on top of their game – great performance.

In conclusion, it’s been quite the wonderful show – enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who put the clips up on YouTube and therefore made it possible for the rest of the world to follow Britain’s Got Talent as well. See you next year, I guess. Hope the acts are as good as this year.


Britain’s Got Talent – Final

As predicted, Craig Harper was unable to convince the judges. My wishful thinking turned out to be unjustified and Nemesis made it to the final – IMO Flava would’ve been the better choice but alas…

Anyway, favourites for tonight:

Faryl Smith, Escala, Signature and Andrew Johnston. If you couldn’t win the semi-final, how likely is it that you’re gonna win the final? See? George Sampson doesn’t really stand a chance.

Among those four, Faryl Smith is obviously the favourite. She practically has to win it – at least that’s what’s expected from her. Andrew Johnston – well, don’t really see him beating her and Signature might be fun to watch but they don’t really have that much to offer in terms of long-term prospects. Escala – tons to offer in terms of long-term prospects but they lack the “likability” factor. They’re too talented, too professional – they didn’t really need BGT but it’ll certainly help them.

So yeah, long story short: unless something unexpected happens, Faryl Smith will win.

Britain’s Got Talent, Semi-Finals, Final Round!

Well then, I’m growing more confident tonight.

I’m gonna say it: Craig Harper wins the public vote. That’s part wishful thinking (because there’s no other way for him to get to the finals – the judges won’t let him through IMO) and part growing confidence in the voting public. Jeremy Lynch got to the top three! Got Faryl Smith right and Andrew Muir in the top three as well.

Anyway, top three tonight: Escala and Madonna Decena. Per Diem don’t seem so strong anymore. Escala wins simply because they’re more professional. No idea which judge speaks first (and I’m too lazy to check) but here’s my prediction: Cowell and Morgan for Escala, Holden for Decena.

Seriously though, what kind of shit name is Escala? I know they had to change it (hey, that’s what wikipedia says and wikipedia would never lie, right?) but still, Escala?

Britain’s Got Talent – Semi-Finals – Round Four

Well, I’m getting ever better – got the top three right but mixed up the order. Lucky George Sampson, heh.

Anyway, here goes: predictions for night four.

Winner of the public vote: Faryl Smith. Obviously. Personally, I’m looking forward to her screwing up or the public getting tired with her – that’d be rather amusing and I might even smile a little. Being the overhyped favourite that she currently is and all, you know. Not seeing that happen right now though.

Two and three: Andrew Muir and Charlie Wernham. Charlie Wernham wins despite being yet ANOTHER child. Not terribly confident with this prediction but alas – whaddayagonnado?

Disappointing for Jeremy Lynch though.