George Sampson wins Britain’s Got Talent 2008

Well, I’ll admit it – I didn’t expect that. I thought he was the weakest of the five semi-final winners but maybe that likability factor was just THAT strong.

I truly don’t know why neither Faryl Smith nor Escala made the top three – they were the obvious favourites in my opinion. Faryl Smith might’ve been overhyped but she was still pretty strong. No obvious mistakes either in their performances so maybe the public just decided they didn’t like the experts telling them what to enjoy. Heh.

Anyway, I was wrong. Mea culpa. Congratulations to George Sampson. Didn’t really think his performance was that strong though – again, Cowell put it nicely: he’s Rocky. A fighter. That’s probably what made him win, too.

Signature on the other hand were back on top of their game – great performance.

In conclusion, it’s been quite the wonderful show – enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who put the clips up on YouTube and therefore made it possible for the rest of the world to follow Britain’s Got Talent as well. See you next year, I guess. Hope the acts are as good as this year.


Britain’s Got Talent, Semi-Finals, Round Three

Here we go again – two for two on the public vote, zero for two on the judges (but dayum was I close). I’m beginning to see a pattern – Piers Morgan decides based on merit and the other two cancel him out on some kind of “emotion”-y reasons.

Anyway, predictions for today as they’re finally up on Wikipedia:

Charlie Green wins the public vote. Strike over George Sampson for the judges’ decision.

Can’t have too many children in the final after all. Besides, Strike are somewhat similar to Flava. Yeah, a bit of a stretch but still – somewhat. They need something like them in the finals especially as we’re gonna get more singers in the semi-finals yet to come (Faryl Smith, anyone?) and musicians (Scala!). It’s becoming harder and harder for the remaining groups – Faryl Smith is in the final with almost 100% certainity, Scala are about 90% certainly in as well.

That leaves something like to remaining places for Per Diem, Jeremy Lynch, Andrew Muir and Craig Harper (my favourites – yeah, sounds kinda gay, I admit it). And not even included in those four (remember, two more places!) are Madonna Decena, Charlie Wernham and Nemisis.

Those are who I’d call favourites right now, most of the others don’t really stand a chance (possibly with the exception of the dance ensembles).