Britain’s Got Talent, Semi-Finals, Final Round!

Well then, I’m growing more confident tonight.

I’m gonna say it: Craig Harper wins the public vote. That’s part wishful thinking (because there’s no other way for him to get to the finals – the judges won’t let him through IMO) and part growing confidence in the voting public. Jeremy Lynch got to the top three! Got Faryl Smith right and Andrew Muir in the top three as well.

Anyway, top three tonight: Escala and Madonna Decena. Per Diem don’t seem so strong anymore. Escala wins simply because they’re more professional. No idea which judge speaks first (and I’m too lazy to check) but here’s my prediction: Cowell and Morgan for Escala, Holden for Decena.

Seriously though, what kind of shit name is Escala? I know they had to change it (hey, that’s what wikipedia says and wikipedia would never lie, right?) but still, Escala?