The Philosophy of Liberty

Via Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.


Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty

I’m only gonna post the video for now. Longer post coming up, though. Not necessarily only about this but also about Bob Barr and why he needs to get your voice instead of John McCain. I’ve reached the conclusion that we can survive four years of Barack Obama. Coming up – end of June-ish. Needs some research to illustrate what I’m trying to say and I lack the time for that right now.

FOX on and with Ron Paul

The guy at the end of the first vid that’s scared shitless – yeah, he amuses me. 😀

100th Post

Well, this is the first one of hopefully a great many celebratory posts. Didn’t take us too long to reach this goal. In doing so we got about 1000 visits – not too bad either but obviously plenty of potential to increase that number!

Major problem: We still haven’t quite found what this is gonna be about.

Movie reviews? Did that, a couple of times.

YouTube Videos? Did that, too. Quite often, in fact.

Dan Mitchell? Just kidding, obviously, but looking at how often I’ve written about this guy one might become a little suspicious. 😉

Ron Paul got his fair share of mentions, too. Still, his time in the limelight is more or less over. Sure, we’ll still post about what his up to – not because the mainstream media cares but because we care.

Biggest success, obviously, was the whole homeschooling thing we had going for a while back in the beginning of April.

Personal favourite? Probably this one because I feel like it’s the one post where I added the most value.

So yeah, where do we go from here? We’re under no pressure to please anyone apart from ourselves. No need to regularly post either (though I try to do that whenever possible). This isn’t a commercial project and won’t be anytime in the foreseeable future (personally I consider the odds of this just dying slowly far higher).

Let us know what you liked best, of what you’d like more and of what you’d like less. 😉

Various Links #4

Pretty amazing Ron Paul ad/clip


The Onion on pork-barrel spending

The Onion made up the following examples (via the Club for Growth):

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), $1,000 to buy every seat in a Lincoln, NE cineplex so he could watch National Treasure: Book Of Secrets in peace

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), $6,500 for larger Congressional Softball League hats

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), $20: Federal Nutrition Assistance Program for Senators Who Forgot Their Wallets

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), $10 million to build a one-mile, 20-lane highway outside of Salt Lake City

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH), $15 million: erection of a Barbasol museum

Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), $19 million: free-clam program to benefit people who have never eaten clams

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), $2.8 million for increased Sen. Amy Klobuchar awareness

Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA), $100 billion to establish a National Aeronautics and Space Administration program

Luckily enough, these are entertaining rather than angering. Still, as the CFG says, rather sad to see that these could pretty much exist. When I find the time, I’ll have to check out that CAGW report more thoroughly – if I recall correctly, Ron Paul got 91% which isn’t too bad but is also pretty much the only thing I’ve checked out so far.