Where to get proper information?

On with the introductory posts…

Obviously, in this day and age, one can find more than enough information on more than enough subjects. I’ll highlight some of my primary sources to better help you understand where I’m coming from, where I get my news and on what I might possibly comment in the future (even though I’ll try to use primary sources).

Probably my favourite. Again, they post a bit too much for my liking and I occasionally skip a post or two but I like their tone and the kind of information they provide (most of the time). Not surprising seeing how they are a libertarian magazine.

The Cato Institute’s blog. Again, I like most of their posts but sometimes I skip one or two. Personal favourite of mine is their resident tax experts, Mr Mitchell.

More for the economic conservative inside of me (see: I wasn’t kidding about that perfect 10!).

I consider him to be on the left end of what I consider reasonable people (even though he’s a Keynesian) – makes some good points without going all kinds of whacko (tellingly he’s still a Republican though). Additionally, his was my first econ textbook.

Only recently added so I might drop it again – but then Mr Cowen is associated with the Cato Institute so he can’t be that bad.

The rest of my sources are either in a language other than English or in print (read: The Economist – and yes, I’m perfectly aware that they have a pretty decent website but I rarely use it and when I do not as a news source but as an archive).

This should be about it in terms of introductory thingies.