Various Links #7

The 10 Most Worthless College Majors

Drilling for Oil

WSJ on Obama


Various Links #6

Some dude from GTA IV thinks he’s a real actor and whines about only getting 100k $

Saving 564 jobs costs 120 million $

Download music from YouTube

Various Links #5

Club for Growth endorses Rep. Paul Broun

Law school: The World According To Ayn Rand

Lionsgate’s Michael Burns on Atlas Shrugged


Various Links #4

Environment vs. Economy

McCain on NAFTA

Ron Paul doing okay


Various Links #3

Arizona #1 – on school choice

Texas #1 – on Fortune 500 headquarters

There’s certainly one good reason for this: Hot Swedish Blondes don’t get fat


Various Links #2

McCain not winning yet

British Welfare Recipients

The Post-Nonproliferation Age


Various Links #1

Seeing how I’m busy…

Sanford understands Solow

Vadim Perelman on Atlas Shrugged

El Salvador’s successful pension system